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Thema: Dynamics / HD2O WP7.8 ROM

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    Dynamics / HD2O WP7.8 ROM

    Aktuelle Version --> 2.0b Build8860 (Update via Zune) [Stand:03.04.2013]

    ROM is based on Mozart ROM v5.13
    OS version: 7.10.8858. bzw 8860 updatebar via Zune
    Languages: 24 languages.
    Loader/File pool: 20MB/15 MB.

    Key differences:

    Each version brings many improvements used by the most of custom ROMs around the world.
    Always newest unlock.
    Always newest stuff.
    No software added just for fun; no extra themes, accents, tuned images ruining Metro style.

    v2.0 features:

    Windows Phone 7.8
    Full unlock v4 - now with root access notifications.
    Full Nokia application support without device name spoofing.
    Customizable search key.
    Ringtones from your personal music collection.
    Clock tile.
    High quality WP7.8-compatible tiles.
    Orientation lock.
    File manager.
    Quick Menu 2.0.
    USB2Video driver.
    XAP deployer built in.
    Full support of native applications.
    Windows Mobile Device Center Launcher.
    CAB updatability - except OEM (HTC, Nokia, Samsung) updates.
    Many big changes under the hood.

    Make sure you have Hard-SPL installed!

    Authors aren't responsible for any damage to your device!
    You do everything on your own risk!

    Use this ROM with WPBackup utility

    Download über die DOWNLOADAREA
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