Aktuelle Version --> 2.0 Build8858 [Stand:08.12.2012]

Dynamics v2.0 - Newer WP7.8 and much more

ROM is based on Gold_S_HTC_Europe_5.12.401.01
OS version: 7.10.8858.136
Languages: 24 languages
Loader/File pool: 20MB/15 MB

Key differences:

Each version brings many improvements used by the most of custom ROMs around the world
Always newest unlock
Always newest stuff
No software added just for fun; no extra themes, accents, tuned images ruining Metro style.

v2.0 features:

Windows Phone 7.8
Full unlock v4 - now with root access notifications
Full Nokia application support without device name spoofing
Customizable search key
Ringtones from your personal music collection
Clock tile
High quality WP7.8-compatible tiles
Orientation lock
File manager
Quick Menu 2.0
USB2Video driver
XAP deployer built in
Full support of native applications
Windows Mobile Device Center Launcher
SIM Toolkit available
CAB updatability - except OEM (HTC, Nokia, Samsung) updates
Many big changes under the hood

Legacy Features:

msxip/sys taken from latest htc/nokia rom leaks
first real wp7.8 custom rom
updatability (hd2o & xb0xmod certificates cooked in)
more tasks in taskswitcher (tweak researched by ultrashot)
registry optimized and ready to use
camera shutter sound disabled when master volume 0
never option in lockscreen timeout settings
3g toggle / 11n wifi / Hidden settings enabled
camera soft shutter button
enhanced camera settings/options

Coming soon:

wp7 extra settings

Component usage in other custom roms:
-using stuff from this rom without explicit permission is strictly prohibited!

Western Edition:
"0409"="US English"
"0416"="Português (Brasil)"
"0809"="UK English"
"0816"="Português (Portugal)"

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